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When I was born I was like an only child as my two brothers were 12 and 8 and my sister was 10.  I was my mother's doll and she was my everything.

When I was 2 my father left my mother with four children to raise.  We went to live on a big farm in northeast Arkansas with my maternal grandparents. We were there until I was 9 when we went to Chicago.  It was in Chicago a few years later that I met a southern country gentleman and married him in 6 weeks.  It only lasted 40 years! 

He gave me everything I wanted for the first 10 years of our marriage but unfortunately he became ill which forced me into the role of breadwinner for our family. I had not worked since I was 18 outside the home and that job was factory work. However, the job that I was ultimately to get was in creative sales and that let me make a living that supported my family.

When my husband passed away in 1982 my youngest son, Steven and I moved to Seattle where my older son, Carl and his family were living.

From the time Steven was 9 years old he  kept encouraging me to do something with my songs and poems.  Steven kept wanting  me to do something with my songs and poems. Finally, in response to his request that I do something with my songs, at the age of 62 I entered a song writing contest in Seattle and much to my surprise I won the contest. I won not because I was a better singer, but as a judge said it was my own original material. I started sharing these songs and poems when I performed hoping that by sharing my philosophy I could  could encourage others to live a happier life.

I found that wherever I've performed whether birthday parties, retirement centers, or conventions, people have a real desire to hear a positive message of hope, and love, and that they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

I have had more fun in my older years of life than ever before.  Everyone likes and needs encouragement and I enjoy bringing encouragement to others. I hope what you read in my book helps encourage you and brings more fun to your live.


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